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4-strand Green Jade and Gold Hematite SET


These items can be bought as a set or individually
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The glories of the Ancient World can be rediscovered in this statement necklace which has 4 strands of faceted Emerald Green Jade beads and a central section of gold plated ribbed Hematite, beads with matching drop earrings on Gold plated 925 silver hooks

Emeralds were well known and highly prized in Ancient Greek and Roman cultures and the name comes from the ancient Greek word “σμάραγδος” (smaragdos) for green gem

In Ancient Greece, healing, talismanic and astrological powers were associated with gemstones and the Emerald was linked to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love

Rome’s Pliny the Elder mentioned Emeralds in his 1st century AD Natural History and described that there was “no better method of restoring the eyes than by looking at the emerald, its soft green colour comforting and removing the weariness and lassitude.” Many gem cutters would rest their eyes on emeralds after long hours of close work on other gems. Even today, the colour green is known to relieve stress and eye strain

However, using Green Jade and Gold plated Hematite keeps our jewellery within everybody’s reach and yet draws the luxury and soothing powers together to lift the spirits!

📷 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Greek or Roman gold and emerald bracelet (one of a pair), 1st century BC – 1st century AD
📷 The British Museum, Roman gold and emerald necklace, 2nd-3rd century AD


19-22”(48-56cm) and 1”(2.5cm)

Necklace only


Earrings only


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