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Black Onyx and Brass Disc SET


These items can be bought as a set or individually
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Onyx was used in Ancient Egypt to make bowls, inlays and amulets and it was also carved into jewellery, although sparingly.

Onyx was thought to bring powers magical protection and increase regeneration. Stories suggest that Cleopatra used Black Onyx so that she could sense who was a loyal servant and who wasn’t.

Elizabeth Taylor’s many incredible wigs in the 1963 movie Cleopatra, as well as some original Ancient Egyptian black and gold wigs inspired me to create a modern Black Onyx and Brass necklace, elasticated bracelet and drop earrings SET that is equally striking and eminently wearable today.

Ancient History brought back to life and proudly displayed at the British Museum shop in London.


18" (46cm), 7.5" (19cm) and 1" (2.5cm)

Necklace Bracelet and Earring SET


Necklace only


Bracelet only


Earrings only



Necklace Bracelet and Earrings SET, Necklace only, Bracelet only, Earrings only