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Dog Necklaces – 31cm to 40cm


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Henry, our Italian Greyhound, proudly models our new dog necklaces.

Initially made as a bit of fun, so many people stopped us to find out where they could buy Henry’s necklace, we simply had to create a capsule collection of cool dog necklaces, for every canine friend to wear with gusto and pride!

However, as we wanted to create quality necklaces to treasure, just like our human’s collection, we used semi-precious stones or real pearls combined with gold plated Brass beads and strong cotton rope.

Each necklace is handmade to order: please measure your canine friend’s middle neck circumference, then add 3cm for total finished length. Then select the relevant length from the drop down box – the price will be automatically calculated.

These necklaces are available with:

Mookaite beads
Lapis Lazuli beads
Rusty Agate beads
Grey Agate beads
White pearls
Amethyst beads
Turquoise Howlite beads
Shell Coral beads
Pearl, Kyanite, Garnet and Jade beads

Please note that these are decorative necklaces, not collars to attach a lead to.

Non-returnable, non-refundable

Bead Size



Mookaite beads, Lapis Lazuli beads, Rusty Agate beads, Grey Agate beads, White pearls, Amethyst beads, Turquoise Howlite beads, Shell Coral beads, Pearl, Kyanite, Garnet and Jade beads


31cm, 32cm, 33cm, 34cm, 35cm, 36cm, 37cm, 38cm, 39cm, 40cm

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