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Extra Large White Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings on Gold Plated 925 Silver and CZ Hooks


Product code: EDWBqDiamHook-gold Category

Who else but the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665 could have been the inspiration for our very large Baroque drop earrings on gold plated 925 silver and Cubic Zirconium hooks?

The term “Baroque” refers to all pearls that aren’t perfect spheres. In other words, if it isn’t perfectly round, it is considered a Baroque pearl. Baroque pearls are thus defined as having irregular, non-symmetrical shapes and uneven surfaces, often with beautiful lustre and colours. No two Baroque pearls will ever be the same and every piece of jewellery that utilises Baroque pearls showcases something unique. Although they have been used in jewellery since ancient times, Baroque pearls have a modern vibe and are very versatile. They will give you the pearl look but with an unique twist making you stand out!

Pearl Size

20-25mm approx