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Amazonite and Pearl Necklace with Jade Pendant


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This elegant necklace is made with 6 strands of small Amazonite beads, with 2 side sections of small White pearls alternating with gold plated Hematite beads and with a pale green natural Jade pendant carved with a Peony below a large Edison pearl, on a gold plated magnetic trumpet clasp for extra ease.

Edison pearls are the latest development in the Chinese technology of culturing pearls, since 2014, and were created to rival the prestigious South Sea pearls from Australia but at much more affordable prices.

Whereas freshwater pearls are formed when a piece of tissue from another oyster is implanted in a new oyster (on average, some 20-30 pieces of tissue are implanted per oyster resulting in 20-30 pearls), the oysters used for Edison pearls are implanted (nucleated) with a single large round bead, aiming to create perfectly round pearls since the oyster is able to focus all its energy on a single pearl at a time. This results in a lower yield, but the focus is on quality not quantity. The result is high quality pearls with stunning lustre, which can measure up to 16mm.

Edison pearls are named after Thomas Edison, who said that “There are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory: diamonds and pearls”… Happy to prove him wrong!

The perfect necklace to welcome Spring and Freedom!

Please see About Gemstones: Amazonite to learn about Amazonite


19" (48cm)