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Long Pearl Necklaces


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The Renaissance could very well be called “The Pearl Age”. The end of the 15th century was marked by Columbus discovering America from which a steady stream of plundered treasure began to flow back to the Old World. Pearls were one of the most commonly found decoration in Aztec culture and it wasn’t long before they found their way to Europe.

Once a rare luxury available only to the elite, pearls were suddenly everywhere and in unimaginable quantities. Elizabeth I was completely obsessed with these jewels of the sea. They represented a symbol of innocence and purity and she wore them in abundance around her neck, wrists, in her hair and on her clothes.

Today they are just as coveted and inspired our classic and multi-functional long necklaces of 8mm pearls, hand-knotted on silk thread. These necklaces are available with:

White pearls
Mixed pearls (White, Pink and Lavender)
Black pearls

No clasps are used on these necklaces so they can be worn long or doubled up


48" (122cm)

Colour Variations

White pearls, Mixed pearls (White, Pink and Lavender), Black pearls

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