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Hematite and Baroque Pearl Necklace and Bracelet SET


These items can be bought as a set or individually
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A stunning collar necklace and bracelet of Gold plated Hematite beads with extra large Baroque pearls.

This necklace and bracelet are both beaded on steel memory wire to keep their fitted shape and stay in pride of place. One end is fitted with a lustrous extra large White Baroque pearl while the other end has an oval pearl.

The term “baroque” refers to all pearls that aren’t perfect spheres. In other words, if it isn’t perfectly round, it is considered a baroque pearl. No two baroque pearls will ever be the same and every piece of jewellery that utilises baroque pearls showcases something unique. So if you love pearls but want something different, baroque pearls might be just the thing for you as they are the ideal choice for the bold woman who wants to make a statement of individuality.

Please see About Gemstones: Hematite to learn about Hematite


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